Meet: Remote Conference & Event Services

Remotocom's managed conference and event services enable you to effectively and securely gather physically separate individuals for interactions such as board and committee meetings, preconference presentations, or training seminars – all within your own branded environment.

You focus on the content (although we can even help you with that); we take care of everything else, including but not limited to: tech set up, logistics, live monitoring and troubleshooting, polling, data collection, archiving, and even real time captioning.

We know you're conscious of costs. That's why we work with you to determine what you want to do and what you need from us, then we come up with a package and price that best fits your budget.


Enhanced audio conference that can include pictures, presentations, shared desktops, and other visual tools.


Web conference with video added. The video can be of a single speaker or all participants, and can use simple desktop eqiupment or a professional videographer.


Audio conference with managed services such as mute, queueing participants, and troubleshooting.