Do you need to introduce a new program? Explain how to perform a certain procedure? Provide an update on a new policy or law? Motivate your supporters?  Then perhaps you want to create a webinar.  

Webinars can be live or packaged for download. Appropriately structured, webinars can be extremely powerful tools to engage far-flung attendees. Presenters can incorporate graphics, text, animations, movies, sound, quizzes, and take audience input through either text chat or audio, making for a lively, engaging experience.

We'll discuss your objectives and content with you and help you decide on the best tools and approach for your project. Possible tasks in addition to packaging your webinar program include:

  • Announcements/Promotions
  • Registration
  • Login to additional resources
  • Follow up, including surveys and quizzes
  • Attendance tracking and reports

If you're going to go through the trouble to make a great program or presentation, you want to make sure peope can easily use it. We're here to help you with that.