Solution Summary

The talented and friendly staff at Remotocom work closely with you to understand your needs and budget in order to craft effective, useful solutions.

Our solutions segment into three groups: Conferencing ("Meet"), Presentation ("Inform"), and Data Management ("Share"). There is overlap, so a webconference solution that also includes the basics of a knowledge center may not cost much more than just the webconference package. The key is to plan ahead and determine your long-term vision.

MEET: Conferencing Solutions

Webconferences: Enhanced audio conference that can include pictures, presentations, shared desktops, and other visual tools.

Videoconferences: Web conference with video added. The video can be of a single speaker or all participants, and can use simple desktop equipment or a professional videographer.

Teleconferences: Audio conference with managed services such as mute, queueing participants, and troubleshooting.

INFORM: Presentation Solutions

Webinar: Packaged presentation for streaming or download. Usually audio with powerpoint or other visual elements. Can include video.

Webcast: Think video broadcast through internet instead of TV. Live seminars, CEO presentations, even shareholder meetings.

Video Channel: Dedicated channel of videos, on YouTube or our streaming server. Captioned for maximum value.

SHARE: Data Management Solutions

Knowledge Center: Dedicated information center, often with restricted login, with access to organization files, training tools, webinars, and other resources.

Searchable Database: Formal archiving of files, such as webinars, recorded conferences, and other audio data to enable complete search and location of content.

Message Integration: Using social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp? We'll help you integrate your Remotocom solutions with your social networking accounts.