Remotocom Wants to Know What You're Most Interested In

Remotocom: Get Your Word Out

Planning a presentation via conference call?

Need to create an on-demand webcast series?

Want to publish a webinar for your constituents?

Let Remotocom's experts help you with the details, so you can focus on the content.

Integrated communications is simpler and more powerful than ever before. So your audience - whether members, staff, constituents, board, work groups, supporters, or the general public - has high expectations. All while you need to carefully manage your time and resources. As you consider how to incorporate video, visual presentations, audio, and other media into your communications plan, please think of us as an extension of your staff, on call as you need us.


MEET: Manage costs and improve communications with your board, staff, volunteers, and shareholders.

SHARE: Provide members, volunteers, and regional leaders with access to the latest information, data, and resources.

INFORM: Deliver top-notch training videos and other online presentations on a budget.


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